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I have always considered myself a pretty organized person, but starting a new business that demanded an in-home office as well as a mobile office has been a challenge for me. I found myself feeling overwhelmed with paper, notes and business clutter that got in the way of everyday life in my house. I hired Rosanne at Defining Time and Space to help me relieve some of the stress this was causing me. She showed me what to do with all those little pieces of paper with important stuff written on them. I was afraid if I put those papers away where I couldn’t see them, the “stuff” would never get done. Rosanne showed me how to set up and use a day planner in a way that would best suit my needs. No more little papers! She came into my home and asked lots of questions to get a feel for exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Her many suggestions have made things easier to manage and have even inspired me to look at other parts of my life that could benefit from ergonomic restructuring in order to save me time – like my kitchen. I have already recommended Rosanne to several of my friends. Rosanne helped me feel better!

Mary Beth Frasier
Music Time Learning Center, Inc.
A Non Profit Organization

A musical beginning that lasts a lifetime!


As a small business owner, I do a good deal of work from home on nights and weekends. But I was always frustrated that my home office was not a productive place to work. Over the years, I have read articles, attended seminars, listened to books-on-tape, and bought planners and other organizational supplies, all to no avail. I concluded that I am just an unorganized person and no system was going to change this. To my surprise, Rosanne's assessment of my situation was accurate and revealing: what I thought were unique and chronic organizational problems were not so. Within a few hours, Rosanne had determined the problems, explained what was working and what was not working and why, set up a system tailored to my needs, and set goals for keeping things organized. Best of all, Rosanne took action: we moved furniture, put labels on folders, made lists, and put plans into place immediately. She provided the crucial missing step to every other organizational solution - actually putting the plan into motion and getting you started with a helping hand. Since her visit, I no longer have to keep every piece of paper on my desk for fear of forgetting a task, nor do I waste time redoing work after misplacing the original papers. I enthusiastically recommend Defining Time and Space, particularly to those who have tried everything else or who doubt their ability to ever be organized. Rosanne will make you a believer!
Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.
President, IOTA Solutions Inc.
One Meca Way
Norcross, GA 30093


Dear Rosanne, I hope I never have to move again; but if I do, I will not start packing the first box without your assistance. It was such a relief to know that Leona's new bedroom will have "a place for everything". Now the key is for her to keep "Everything in its place". With your suggestions and age appropriate ideas for her, many arguments and excuses were avoided. My goal, now that I have more room, is to have the house organized in such a way that clean-up is a breeze. And to think we will be able to park our cars in the garage!! Your hard work made this a reality. Thanks again so much for your help with our move; you truly are a lifesaver (at the very least a sanity saver).

Susan L. Connolly- Jackson



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